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Kasese Humanist Botanic Gardens is an innovation of Kasese United Humanist Association in its efforts  to invest in nature under its program of  Nature conservation & Environmental protection.

Kasese United Humanist Association is a registered non profit,community based organization engaged in a number of activities all aimed at making life better for humanity. The organizations runs a mini library that stores books on science and free thought, magazines,journals,newspapers and leaflets are also available.All the visitors to the library gets free services and is located next to Kasese Humanist Primary School in Railway Village,Kasese Municipality. 

The organization in the year 2011 initiated Kasese Humanist Primary School, set up on the foundation of Science.which is very unique from other schools in the area and parts of Uganda as its set up on the foundation of SCIENCE and strongly embraces Humanist values &  ethics.  The school trains children to be critical, hardworking, rational,compassionate ,self reliant and innovative. 


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